“We can always count on the Reading Assist volunteers who are exceptionally well trained and professional in their approach.”

Jackqueline Lee, Principal

Bancroft Elementary School

educators — Introduction

For more than 25 years, Reading Assist Institute has worked inside schools to provide both reading intervention for students and professional development for teachers.

We believe in our reading intervention program. We’ve seen what works.

Our instruction – grounded in Orton-Gillingham principles – is explicit, sequential, systematic and multisensory, all necessary for children who struggle with learning to read for a variety of reasons. Reading interventionists and school personnel work together and are on the same page, creating a continuum of reading education that can provide struggling readers with the skills they need to achieve grade-level reading proficiency.

Those who struggle the most – Tier 3 students –need one-on-one reading intervention in order to take the first steps toward mastering the basic mechanics of reading. This calls for explicit, frequent, consistent intervention that is provided by our reading interventionists, who work inside the schools during the school day to provide the intensive training that these students need.

Students in Tier 2 can benefit from small group instruction. Reading Assist trains teachers, reading specialists and other educators in our intervention methods that work well with these students, giving struggling readers the tools they need to thrive inside their regular classrooms.


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