“We can always count on the Reading Assist volunteers who are exceptionally well trained and professional in their approach.”

Jackqueline Lee, Principal

Bancroft Elementary School

parents — How RAI Can Help

If you are here, you are probably the parent of a struggling reader.

You are not alone. One in five children will struggle while learning to read. 

This is not what you expected when you sent your bright, inquisitive, eager child off to school.  Your child is not lazy or unmotivated, but chances are good that your child’s brain is wired a little differently than most of their peers, which makes learning to read, write and spell a challenge.

Reading Assist Institute understands these difficulties. We’ve worked with struggling readers for over 25 years, and have changed the lives of thousands of students.

Our founder, Virginia Biasotto, has a son who struggled terribly while learning to read. After finally finding him help when he was 12 years old, she became interested in the method that enabled him to “break the code” and make sense of the symbols on the printed page. She studied the Orton-Gillingham approach, which serves as the base of our program today -- a structured reading, writing and spelling approach designed for struggling readers and those diagnosed with dyslexia. 

No one program works for everyone, but for students who struggle with the basic mechanics of reading, spelling and writing, Reading Assist can help.