“We can always count on the Reading Assist volunteers who are exceptionally well trained and professional in their approach.”

Jackqueline Lee, Principal

Bancroft Elementary School

parents — Private Reading Intervention

Reading Assist Institute can provide a private RAI interventionist for your struggling reader.

It begins with a screening session. If your child has not previously been tested for reading difficulties, a full screening takes about an hour and costs $125. After the screening, you will receive a written report that details the level of your child’s foundational reading skills, and we’ll be able to make a recommendation about whether or not our reading intervention program will be helpful to your child. 

All of our private reading interventionists have:

  • Extensive training in our program.
  • Experience working with struggling readers of varying ages.
  • A coach who provides guidance and help with the implementation of the reading intervention program, and also helps to monitor the student’s progress.  
  • Continuing education classes they are required to attend.
  • Knowledge and flexibility to appropriately adjust the program based on individual needs.

Our experience and our past results have shown us that most struggling readers need intensive, consistent intervention in order to make progress. That means meeting with an interventionist two or three days a week. And because there is no “usual” timeline for how quickly a student will progress, the pace of each program is adjusted to fit the child’s individual needs.

Student progress is monitored using a widely respected and reliable assessment tool called DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills).

Reading Assist is a nonprofit organization. We strive to keep our rates below most market rates for reading intervention.