“We can always count on the Reading Assist volunteers who are exceptionally well trained and professional in their approach.”

Jackqueline Lee, Principal

Bancroft Elementary School

parents — Success Stories

“My son began to struggle with reading in first grade. His struggle became so great in the second grade that he began to develop a stutter. Finally, we heard about Reading Assist. Seth began tutoring at the beginning of the summer. We saw an immediate and dramatic impact. He began to read voraciously. This year, Seth is repeating the second grade. I expected this to be traumatic for him. At first it was, but as the year progressed, his confidence grew. His reading has improved spectacularly. The situational anxiety that he was beginning to demonstrate, which the stutter was symptomatic of, has dissipated. He is confident and self-assured in the classroom. He is even reading out loud in class. I cannot express how much this means to my son. Words fail to capture what it means to me and his father. Thank you so much.”

“Sean has gotten all A’s in reading, math and language arts this year on his report cards. We are very happy with the impact that the tutoring has had on Sean’s performance. He continues to benefit from the ongoing skills that Ms. Eileen is teaching him. I believe I have expressed this before, but the change in Sean’s confidence level is the most dramatic impact that we have seen. Sean is happy to read aloud in class, no longer sees himself differentiated negatively from his peers, and actually reads for pleasure sometimes.”

“We have had a wonderful experience with Reading Assist this year. My son Gage has advanced from a Pre-K reading level to a first grade level. I would have never believed he would make this much progress in just under a year. Thank you for all your help!”

“Throughout the last year, Johnny has made drastic improvements in his reading fluency and comprehension.  Linda has been fantastic and a real pleasure to work with.  My son never dreaded going to see her, she always made his learning fun and kept him engaged. She was very informative and helpful to me as a parent as well!”

“The year has been wonderful. Kathleen is fantastic with Jackson. He has made leaps and bounds in his reading and has moved up an entire grade level. He is now on a 4th grade level. Kathleen always provides positive feedback and she is really good working with him. I am extremely happy with Kathleen and the Reading Assist Institute.”